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1 Tongkat Ali tea or extract

2 Increased semen volume with tongkat ali

3 Testosterone levels more than doubled with tongkat ali

4 Increased intercourse frequency beyond age 60

5 Tongkat ali and testosterone

6 Dostinex (cabergoline) at 80 US cents per 0.5 mg

7 Nitroglycerin and erections

8 Better sex, more muscle

9 Tongkat ali and testosterone

10 Tachycardia and diarrhea from yohimbe

11 Pramipexole and yohimbine

12 Miserable taste, but not tongkat ali (because it's kratom)

13 Lisuride combined with Viagra

14 Alprostadil gel for erections

15 DHEA - more hype than substance


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